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Wicked Poppy Designs is a small graphic design business, quite simply a team of one, it’s just me, Sally Roydhouse, based on the Wolds (formerly Isle of Skye).  You won’t find a team of creatives sat around on bean bags bouncing ideas about, taking up your valuable time and racking up a huge fee.

You’ll deal with me from first contact and origination through to the finished artwork. That’s the way I prefer to work and that way ensures no watering down of your initial communication of ideas. I’ll be here morning, noon and night, that basically covers any time the creative urge kicks in (this isn’t a 9-5 job), creating those all important design solutions.

My philosophy on design is simple, I take pride in creating work which is visually strong, but more importantly gets my clients results. I fully appreciate the demand for professional yet affordable design solutions in the fast moving digital world we operate in.

Corporate Identity & Illustration

“the use of visual ideas to successfully communicate the personality of a client”

Even in today’s global marketplace of multimedia technology it remains of utmost importance for a company to be identified by its own corporate image.

Your logo needs to convey your brand identity, visually, effectively and with lasting impression.

Whether that means logos designed for business cards or web sites, the creation of a corporate identity is one of the most challenging and rewarding assignments for a designer.

Advertising, Promotion and Packaging

“the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with your target audience is essential to your success.”

By promoting and branding your service or products professionally, it will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

No matter what your business is or what size or stage of development you are at, it is essential to be recognised by your corporate image, advertising and packaging.

Your company branding is basically your personality, applied to every piece of advertising and promotional material you put out to the world.

To achieve this is by identifying your target audience, offer them something of benefit that will get their attention, create a positive attitude towards your service or product and make sure your reader or customer knows what to do next.

Step back and watch the results.

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